Fresh Peach Salsa

Last week I took my dog Aidan to get groomed. ┬áMy groomer lives out in the country and asked me if I would like to pick some peaches. I said yes please, I never turn down free healthy fruits and vegetables. Then after giving out a couple of handfuls to friends and neighbors I was trying to figure out what to do with all these peaches? My sister, Kim suggested I make some salsa with them! And so that’s what I set out to do! In the past I have made mango salsa, even won a contest once for that recipe. So I searched the web and was checking out different pictures and recipes for peach salsa. Some of them said to peel the peaches and others said to grill them. Some suggested using avocados or tomatoes in the recipe. None of that sounded appealing to my taste buds. In the end I just decided to make it very similar to my mango salsa recipe. Here is what I did. Washed and dried the fresh peaches I left the skin on Cut up into bite sized pieces Diced Red Onion […]