Veggie Wraps


Take one organic whole wheat sprouted tortilla spread it with your favorite hummus

I use either homemade or in this pic I used “Hope” Hummus Spicy Avocado Jalapeño

sliced cucumbers

sliced red onion

yellow bell pepper

grated carrots

sliced mushrooms

sliced tomatoes

sliced avocados

halved kalamatta olives

sliced artichoke hearts “jarred in water not oil”

Handful of spring mix

some crumbled sheep milk feta

a drizzle of green tomatillo salsa

Carefully roll it up and cut it in half

This wrap would travel good whole on the go

I wrap it in parchment paper then foil

It would stay pretty fresh for a couple of hours or longer if in a cooler

Also on the plate I had roasted up some delicious baked sweet potato fries

Before rolling up