Hello world!

Hi my name is Laura, I’ve been in love with food and cooking since I can remember! I was cooking meals by the time I was twelve years old.  My mom was a terrific cook! She always made us homemade meals because it was more affordable and healthier. So began my love of cooking and learning.  In this blog I want to share my stories and my recipes for healthy plant based foods.  I want to show people it’s not hard to eat healthy and feel great!  For a while now I’ve been posting pictures on Facebook of food I make and people will ask for the recipes etc… I’ve been told to start a vegetarian restaurant, sell my dishes (which I’ve done) and lately was told to start a food blog!  So here we go Food Blogging seemed like a good start!  I have to eat and I love taking pictures of food and sharing what healthy dishes I come up with. Be patient with me I’m learning how to blog as I go along! Hope you will join me on this fun and exciting journey! Peace and Happiness!